June 20-24, 2021
Digital Edition
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9th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention “Digital Edition”

Empowering Hydrogen Innovation
June 20-24, 2021

At WHTC 2021, local and international attendees have the opportunity to present their technical findings and advancements in hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as participate in f-cell+HFC The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event for marketing and networking.

WHTC together with f-cell+HFC joins two important worlds: innovative technologies and scientific research with international markets and business cases. The combined convention offers scientific and market oriented activities, including plenaries, seminars, technical sessions, poster and oral presentations, and virtual technical and industry tours of the Montréal region.


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Experience WHTC 2021 – digitally

Due to health regulations, WHTC together with f-cell+HFC for 2021 will stream to participants live through our latest Digital Event Platform.

Our new interactive platform offers live content with video and Q&A; an interactive meeting hub for participants, companies and organizations; and a host of one-on-one networking and matchmaking features.

Check out our Convention Overview now!

WHTC 2021 Sponsors

A Warm Welcome to WHTC 2021

Mark Kirby, President & CEO

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

“The CHFCA is delighted to host WHTC 2021. Hydrogen technologies are ready and able to help world economies emerge from the COVID-19 crisis based on clean energy solutions. Concurrently, we have the opportunity to improve, refine and share new breakthroughs. WHTC 2021 is the place where we can come together, learn what is new, and make important connections that will further advance hydrogen technologies and the hydrogen future we need. I look forward to seeing you in June 2021!”

John W. Sheffield, President

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

"The coronavirus has become this century’s most urgent challenge to humanity. In harnessing this new sense of solidarity, we, the hydrogen energy community must rise to face another enormous challenge facing humanity, i.e. climate change. With great human generosity and empathy, let us be inspired by history. It is said that Sir Isaac Newton was in his early 20s when he was sent home from Cambridge University when the Great Plague hit Europe. It was during this time, confined in his home, that Newton made some of his greatest discoveries, including gravity. As we transition from the COVID-19 era, we have an unprecedented opportunity to help make permanent changes in our energy infrastructure to a sustainable energy system utilizing the best of the hydrogen energy technologies.”

Peter Sauber, CEO & Founder

Peter Sauber Agentur

“The evolving nature of energy resources requires new approaches and new innovations. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies benefit the environment, the economy and society as a whole – this is important to us all. The PSA team has had the fortunate opportunity to witness scientific innovation and technology adoption through 20 years of industry events, from the original f-cell and f-cell+HFC Vancouver to WHEC 2012 Toronto and WHEC 2018 Rio. Facilitating idea exchange and partnership creation is a part of our DNA. PSA is proud to be the organizer of WHTC 2021. We are happy to do our part to empower people to power the Hydrogen era!”

f-cell+HFC 2020 Proceedings:
On-demand videos and presentations

After a tough year for everyone, we are thrilled to have been able to hold such a successful 2-day digital event.
f-cell+HFC 2020 hosted 352 Attendees from 20 countries, 92 Speakers, 20 Exhibitors,
4 Plenaries, 11 Sessions, 3 Workshops, and a Topic Table.

Access to all presentations and full session videos are now available here.

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