Spring 2022
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Call for Abstracts

The WHTC 2021 Program Committee invites Abstract submissions from the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell community for the creation of this year’s scientific program. Both Oral and Poster presentation slots will be available. Our experienced digital events team will each guide presenter through our interactive online platform to assure a smooth, engaging and successful presentation!

The scientific Themes and Topics List is below, as set by the Committee. Final themes will be based on the combination of Abstracts received within the Submission Period. We recommend that you review the Guidelines and FAQ before making a submission.

If you have interest in a speaking role as part of the f-cell+HFC business and markets sessions, please review the options here.

Key Dates


Call for Abstracts

July 15, 2020 to January 15, 2021


Early Bird Registration

February 17 to April 15, 2021


Program Details Posted

April 15, 2021

Convention Themes

Advanced control
Grid management, Fueling management, Gaseous energy network
Distribution / compression /storage of hydrogen
Pipeline, Cryogenic, Storage, HFS, Backup/Integration with Power Grid, Compression
Fuel Cells
Materials, Components, Stacks, Systems, Manufacturing R&D
Blending in NG, Industrial combustion, Residential appliances
Industrial Processing
Steel, Chemical, Biofuel/Biochemical
Policies and Strategies
Roadmaps, Incentives, Government policies
Power Generation
Turbines, Boilers
Production / Purification
Water Electrolysis, Fuel Reformation, Carbon management, Biomass reformation, Photochemical, Purification
Ground, Maritime, Aviation

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • All abstracts must be submitted via the Online Submission Portal no later than January 15, 2021.
  • Abstracts, presentations and posters at WHTC 2021 must be in English only.
  • Abstracts submitted must contain original work and must not have been published previously or presented at a meeting of another national or international scientific organization prior to this meeting.
  • Please check your abstract carefully; it will be published as submitted.
  • You can edit your abstracts until the submission deadline. No changes can be made to abstracts once the abstract submission deadline has passed.
  • The Scientific Committee will determine the presentation type of each accepted abstract, with consideration given to the author’s preference. The committee’s decision is final.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission to the Secretariat

This information is also available in PDF format: Abstracts Brochure and Guidelines and FAQ. Please note: These were created before the event was changed to online, therefore some of the content is now out of date.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I submit more than one abstract?

Yes, you may submit multiple abstracts but there is a limit of 5 submissions per individual. Once you have submitted your first abstract, you can log into the portal and click again on Abstract Submission to proceed with a second abstract.

Will WHTC 2021 publish the convention proceedings as a Journal?

No, the Organization Committee does not plan to publish the full proceedings but encourages all oral/poster presenters to submit their papers to the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Who retains ownership of my Abstract after submission?

The copyright of all Abstracts belongs to the authors. By submitting your Abstract, the WHTC 2021 Committee will take this as an agreement to publish abstracts for this convention.

May I choose my Presentation Type (Oral or Poster)?

You may choose your preferred presentation type in the CfA portal, as well as state your interest in a backup option there. Please note: The final decision on presentation type is left to the Program Committee.

Do Oral Presenters need to submit an abstract?

All oral and poster presenters are asked to submit an Abstract.

Will I need to print my poster and bring it to the convention?

No, WHTC 2021 will be a digital conference, only a PDF file will be required.

Do I need to register to give a presentation?

Yes, both oral and poster presenters must be registered for the full conference to give their presentation. If the abstract is accepted, the person making the presentation should register as soon as possible after receiving the notification of acceptance. This is necessary to secure the listing of the presentation in the conference program.

Can I see the status of my Abstract?

Once a decision is made by the Committee, the CfA portal will show the updated “Status”. You will also receive an email from the Committee regarding this decision.

Will I be asked to revise my Abstract?

In some cases, abstracts will require revisions before acceptance. If you receive an email stating “Review Required” or see “View Review” on the CfA “Status” page, you can revise your abstract directly in the CfA portal. Please complete the revision within 2 weeks of receiving the email. Please do not include any other response details. Once the reviewers are satisfied with your submission, you will receive another email and see the status updated to “Accepted”.

Can I submit an abstracton a different theme?

Themes for WHTC 2021 have been carefully chosen to encompass a wide variety of current Hydrogen-related research topics. If you feel that a special exemption should be made for your abstract, please please reach out to the Conference Secretariat: abstracts@whtc2021.org.

Do you have a question that is not listed here?

If you have any questions related to your abstract submission, please reach out to the Conference Secretariat: abstracts@whtc2021.org

Submission Procedure

Please click the button below to get started with your abstract submission. Here is a brief breakdown of the process:

  1. Create your Profile and Enter Presenter Contact Information
  2. Choose Abstract Submission – or – Edit Draft Abstracts (if you are returning to the website)
  3. Enter Abstract Title and Choose Presentation Type (Oral or Poster)
  4. Choose Themes, Sub-themes and Keywords
  5. Enter Authors’ Names and Affiliations
  6. Upload Abstract (file or text)
  7. Select Additional Options (if needed)
  8. Review Abstract
  9. Submit Abstract