June 20-24, 2021
Digital Edition
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Convention Overview

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) is the most well-known convention in the fields of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies, held biannually under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE).

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event (f-cell+HFC) is Canada’s premier platform for professionals to meet, discuss and promote the latest developments in technology, policy and applications of hydrogen and fuel cells. It is a co-brand of f-cell (PSA) and the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association (CHFCA).

WHTC together with f-cell+HFC joins two important worlds: the latest in scientific research and international business!

What to Expect

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Main Plenaries

Hear from leading experts in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell fields


Scientific Sessions (WHTC)

Exchange the latest on innovative technologies and scientific research


Market Sessions (f-cell+HFC)

Learn about Canadian and international markets and business cases


Scientific Posters

Examine technological advances and talk to researchers


1:1 Meeting & Matchmaking

Meet experts and newcomers from academia and industry


Business Networking Hubs

Connect, discuss and set up sustainable business relationships

WHTC Themes

Advanced control
Grid management, Fueling management, Gaseous energy network
Distribution / compression / storage of hydrogen
Pipeline, Cryogenic, Storage, HFS, Backup/Integration with Power Grid, Compression
Fuel Cells
Materials, Components, Stacks, Systems, Manufacturing R&D
Blending in NG, Industrial combustion, Residential appliances
Industrial Processing
Steel, Chemical, Biofuel/Biochemical
Policies and Strategies
Policies and Strategies Roadmaps, Incentives, Government policies
Power Generation
Turbines, Boilers
Water Electrolysis, Fuel Reformation, Carbon management, Biomass reformation, Photochemical, Purification
Ground, Maritime, Aviation

f-cell+HFC Themes

Production / Distribution / Storage
Hydrogen from fossil fuels, Electrolytic Hydrogen, Decarbonization of the steel industry, Hydrogen infrastructure and stations, H2 Blending
Applications / End-use
Heat for buildings, Heat for industry, Heavy-duty vehicles, Ports and maritime, Buses, Aviation, Light-duty vehicles
Strategy / Policy / Financing
Policy and regulations, Codes and standards, Financing

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