IHI Ionbond Netherlands b.v.

Van Heemskerckweg 30
5928 LL Venlo
The Netherlands

IHI Ionbond is a global leader in high performance coating services, offering its portfolio of PVD, CVD and DLC coatings via an international coating service network of 37 coating centers. Ionbond coatings offer customers higher productivity, performance and extended lifetimes on coated tools and components, improving products that are used in our daily lives. The coatings found their inroads in the automotive industry many years ago, and Ionbond is an established supplier to multiple OEMs and their sub-suppliers. All necessary quality standards are in place to be able to service this demanding market segment. In the proton exchange membrane (PEM) based fuel cell and electrolyzer industry, Ionbond’s coatings are designed to improve the performance and lifetime of metal bipolar plates. Coating capacity is in place to offer customers prototyping and small volume production. High volume production of bipolar plate coatings can be discussed, based on outsourcing to one of the IHI Ionbond coating centers or through shop-in-shop production models.