April 1 + 2, 2020
Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada
Angus Brown

Hydrogenics Canada

Booth No. 21, Pavilion Ballroom

220 Admiral Boulevard
L5T 2N6 Mississauga, ON


Hydrogenics (NASDAQ: HYGS; TSX: HYG) is a global leader with 70 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing commercial hydrogen generation, fuel cells and MW-scale energy storage solutions. Serving a growing market Hydrogenics has helped their customers drive innovations and set new benchmarks in transportation, fueling, renewable energy and energy storage. 

Hydrogenics is the leading manufacturer of fuel cells for hybrid battery electric vehicles and critical power generation. Our HyPM™ power modules offer a flexible and robust platform for easy integration into electric vehicles and power applications. Our Celerity™ system, based on HyPM™ technology, is the ultimate OEM-friendly solution for buses and trucks needing an easy-to-install hydrogen power system. 

Hydrogenics is also leading the way in hydrogen production from renewable generation to decarbonize all energy sectors. We are the leading supplier of PEM and alkaline electrolyzers for on-site and on-demand renewable hydrogen production, fueling stations and multi-MW Power-to-Gas energy storage systems. Our newest hydrogen generation systems are the result of the company’s continuous improvements to performance, flexibility, quality, and durability, providing the best cost to quality ratio and conversion efficiency in the industry. We currently has more than 500 of these systems in operation across the globe and most recently announced the development of the world’s largest electrolyser generation system in Canada. 

Headquartered in Ontario Canada, Hydrogenics has over 145 patents and over 2,000 applications installed around the world. Hydrogenics has manufacturing sites in Germany, Belgium and Canada, as well as sales and service centers in Russia, Europe, Pacific Asia, the US and Canada. 

Product Highlights:

Our solutions are based on two main platforms, fuel cells for power and electrolysis for hydrogen generation and energy storage. Our PEM fuel cells apply hydrogen as a power source for everything from heavy duty mobility including buses, trains, planes and commercial fleets to continuous and critical power. We are the leading supplier of PEM and alkaline electrolyzers for on-site and on-demand renewable hydrogen production, fueling stations and Power-to-Gas energy storage systems. Our PEM electrolyzers are the most compact and powerful in the industry, allowing for utility-scale projects with the smallest footprint.


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