April 1 + 2, 2020
Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada
Colin Armstrong

HTEC Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation

Booth No. 16, Pavilion Ballroom

315 Mountain Hwy.
V7J 2K7 North Vancouver, B.C.


HTEC is unlocking the potential of hydrogen to reduce urban air pollution and the impacts of climate change by designing and building hydrogen fuel supply solutions to support the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Partnering with government, industrial gas companies, key equipment suppliers, automotive companies, and energy companies, HTEC is delivering safe, reliable, convenient, sustainable and low-cost hydrogen to customers and consumers, how, when and where they need it. Learn more at www.htec.ca . HTEC: Fueling the Drive to Hydrogen

Product Highlights:

Production facilities. Distribution systems. Fueling stations.