April 1 + 2, 2020
Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada
Summer Min

XecaTurbo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Booth No. 17, Pavilion Ballroom

Room 704, Building 3, Wangjing Chengying Center, No.5, Laiguangying West Road
100012 Chaoyang District, Beijing


XecaTurbo is a leading Chinese brand in turbomachinery-focused engineering service and innovation R&D Company. With more than 7 years and 80+ projects experience, and with global resources and Partnership, it has developed the XT-FCC series Oil-free FC centrifugal air compressor products, which can supply purely clean air to FCs, just as strong “lung”. XT-FCC is the first of its kind in China mark.

Product Highlights:

• Absolutely oil-free • Fast response • Efficient system performance • Robust and long lifetime • Compact and lightweight design • Allow various installation orientation • Quiet and less vibration


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  • fuel cells
  • fuel cell systems
  • light vehicles
  • special vehicles/working machines
  • trucks
  • vans
  • trains
  • ships and ports
  • busses
  • passenger cars