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International hydrogen and fuel cell leaders to gather in Vancouver for f-cell+HFC 2020 conference and trade fair

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 21, 2019

The 2nd f-cell+HFC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event; International Industry experts will address Hydrogen's Role in a Clean Energy Future

Press Release Nr. 1, 2020

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International leaders will gather at the 2nd f-cell+HFC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event, scheduled for April 1+2, 2020 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The conference is projected to be the largest of its kind nationwide, with attendees from the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors, industry, government and academia.

The f-cell+HFC 2020 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event is designed to accelerate the fight against climate change by connecting international industry executives with senior government leaders, investors and researchers to accelerate and scale-up projects that can economically produce infrastructural hydrogen, integrate hydrogen fuel transport and storage options such as power-to-gas, and identify paths to support the near-term demand for increased hydrogen fuel cell use in commercial industrial applications such as forklifts, heavy-duty trucks and buses, marine and building applications.

Held under the patronage of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Peter Sauber Agency (f-cell), the 2020 f-cell+HFC’s interactive business platform will serve to facilitate participant engagement around the use of hydrogen, as an energy vector and fuel cells. Participants will be able to build their networks through a range of plenaries, conference sessions and workshops, while viewing the latest products and services in the International Trade Fair.

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The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national, non-profit, industry association of product manufacturers, component developers, suppliers, research organizations, governments and academic institutions designed to advance the understanding of hydrogen and fuel cells and their capabilities amongst industry leaders in Canada and beyond. Since 2011, the CHFCA has hosted the International Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Summit (HFC) in Vancouver, Canada.

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Peter Sauber AgenturThe Peter Sauber Agency is one of Europe’s leading industry conference organizers. The Agency has developed, organized and hosted a range of fairs, congresses, exhibitions and community events with a focus on identifying paths to address our global energy and environmental challenges, including the f-cell Conference since its inauguration in 2001 in Stuttgart.



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