May 25 + 26, 2022
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On the threshold of a global clean energy economy

Stuttgart & Vancouver, March 22, 2019

The 2020`s are set to be the formative decade for the emerging global clean energy markets. The meeting of European, Asian, Canadian and North American leaders in hydrogen technology development in British Colombia, one of the world’s most advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technology regions, provides new perspectives on the coming decade of zero emission mobility and logistics.

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Green technologies are increasingly leaving their marks on traditional industries and consumer habits. Amongst them, hydrogen is poised to take the lead in coupling the supply, storage and distribution of clean energy. “Hydrogen is making possible an exciting, sustainable way of storing, distributing and using energy: Clean, renewable, decentralized, affordable and with a huge potential for economic and job growth. Mobility, logistics, industry and private households will be changed by the combination of electrolyzers, hydrogen and fuel cells over the coming decade in the tectonic shift from fossil to clean energy,” points out Andreas Truckenbrodt, President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association CHFCA.

The f-cell+HFC impulse summit for hydrogen and fuel cells marks the trend towards clean technologies with a high level conference and international trade fair. Prominent keynote speakers and sessions with panels of renowned international experts will present detailed insights into the global fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and applications. These experts will offer their take on the current developments in the most promising markets. Topics range from components to rail and maritime transport, commercial vehicles and buses. Included in the discussion are the international progression of the up-scaling of fuel cells and electrolyzers, global perspectives on Power-to-Gas and updates from the Hydrogen Council and the Mission Innovation initiative on hydrogen.

Marquee Evening Event Sponsor in Vancouver: Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems, a Vancouver based leading fuel cell technology developer, is as Marquee Sponsor hosting the Evening Event at their location. “We are working with our partners and customers in North America, Europe and Asia to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cell electric heavy duty vehicles such as buses, trucks and trains. The first f-cell+HFC in Vancouver with it’s international audience is a perfect venue for us to share our progresses and our views on the global potentials for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies,” Nicolas Pocard, Marketing Director of Ballard Power Systems.


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