May 22 + 23, 2019
Vancouver, Canada
f-cell Podium Discussion


Thank you to our partners and media partners

In addition to the strong support from the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) the following partners have supported f-cell+HFC in form and content. Giving this inaugural event the necessary basis for a strong industry platform – by experts for experts.

Special thanks

Special thanks goes to the Co Host of the f-cell+HFC: CHFCA


The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is a national trade association that represents the leading companies and organizations that are advancing innovative, clean, safe, and reliable energy technologies. FCHEA members represent the global supply chain of the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, including fuel cell manufacturers and component companies, industrial gas suppliers, automakers, energy companies, non-profits, associations, and others. FCHEA drives support and provides a consistent industry voice to regulators and policymakers. Our educational efforts promote the environmental and economic benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies.


The California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) is comprised of over 100 companies and agencies involved in the business of hydrogen. Our mission is to advance the commercialization of hydrogen in the energy sector to reduce emissions and dependence on oil. The vision of the CHBC is to reinforce California’s position as the most advanced clean energy state in the nation, expanding the sustainable use of its precious natural and renewable resources and providing clean air to its citizens, by adopting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Media Partners

The news service is the leading publication for the electric transport industry in Europe and beyond. We follow the development of e-mobility and its infrastructure since 2013, always driven by journalistic passion and expertise. Our stories engage on multiple platforms – newsletter, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and live at events. Subscribe to the daily newsletter and follow us on the path to the future of transport!


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