June 20-24, 2021
Digital Edition

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Thank you for your interest in supporting WHTC! We’ve created this online Portal to make participation easy. We hope the following “à la carte” options meet your needs… and your budget. To review this at your leisure, download the “Participation Opportunities Brochure“. If you have any questions, please contact Carolynn.

  • Step 1: Pick individual Branding & Networking items from “Category 1”. These will help your company/organization to show off your brand and/or network with event attendees.
  • Step 2: Choose exclusive Marketing & Press items from “Category 2”, such as “Sponsor” titles. Please note that each item in “Category 2” requires a minimum spend in “Category 1”.
  • Step 3: Order and pay with a credit card. We will then contact you to advise of the file upload process (e.g. logos, videos).
  • Step 4: Attend the event and see your results come in!


Notice (2020-01-15): Some “product” pages currently display blank – we’re working to correct this!
Thankfully it doesn’t affect the ordering process just click “Add to cart” and follow the checkout process.

Category 1: Branding & Networking

Be Seen! – Give your brand a spot on the platform…

Be interactive! – Setup a hub with 3 dedicated daily 1-hr agenda slots…

Be on-screen! – Tell your story in a 2-minute video…

Be live! – Show-off products or Organize a mini panel…

Be there! – Invite your team, stakeholders and clients too…

Category 2: Marketing and Press

Please note that each item in “Category 2” requires a minimum spend in “Category 1”, as noted below.

Be front and centre! – Stand out as an event sponsor…

Be heard! – Let the Hydrogen community know you‘re attending…

Category 3: Pre-assembled bundles

Be prepared! – Choose with just one click…

Please Note

  • All prices CAD before 5% GST and 3% processing fee.
  • We reserve the right to make minor modifications to meet the evolving technological capabilities of our Digital Event Platform.
  • We happily accept the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay.
  • Unfortunately we cannot make any substitutions to the contents of Category 3 bundles.

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Carolynn Jaworska


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